Monday, July 7, 2008

George Carlin's Theory of Relativity

Yes, another blog post that references the late George Carlin. I guess his quips have inspired a lot of people. One of his "clean" comments that I love goes something like this: "Have you ever noticed that people driving slower than you are all Idiots, and people driving faster than you are all Maniacs?"

I've coined this the George Carlin Theory of Relativity. We proceed through life at different speeds, whether measured in intellect, career advancement, or the pursuit of happiness. And I've observed that we judge ourselves against others who are traveling at different speeds even if we don't have all of the facts.

Those that appear to be traveling slower in career advancement, may in fact be maniacs with regard to the quality of life they have with their families. And the speed demons of intellect, may in fact be idiots when it comes to handling their careers. But figuring out who the idiots and manics are isn't the point.

We shouldn't compare ourselves relative to others. We should compare ourselves to ourselves. And therefore ask yourself, "am I traveling in the right direction?"

Idiot? Maniac? Who knows. Not important. Just make sure you Have a Nice Day.

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